Kombucha is too Vinegary – 10 uses for Vinegary Kombucha and Extra SCOBY’s

So you’re Kombucha tastes like vinegar? Yup, it happens , often when you also have lots of SCOBY’s growing one on top of the other in your fermenting glass. Here are 10 ways to use your over-fermented Kombucha and SCOBY’s.

1- Dressings and Marinades. Bottle the liquid and use in the way you would use vinegar.  It will last forever in a glass bottle in a dark place. I would strain it first to reduce the chance of another SCOBY forming.

2 – Strain the ‘Kombucha Vinegar’ and put it in a sprayer dilute 1:10 with water for cleaning surfaces/windows. Probiotic cleaner – research has suggested that covering your surface with ‘good bacteria’ stops the pathogenic bacteria from accumulating. Using Kombucha Vinegar in place of Vinegar in your homemade cleaners will supercharge your cleaning power with probiotics – more Kombucha cleaning recipes here.

3 – Plant food – water down the Kombucha Vinegar and use it to water your plants. The water is acidic so it is great for Tomato Plants and Strawberries. Mix 200ml with 1 litre of water so it’s not too strong. Chopping up the SCOBY and adding it your compost is also a great way of adding more nutrients into your soil.

4 – Face Mask – don’t be scared but you can place a whole SCOBY over your face as a mask. The PH has a mild and all-natural acid peel effect leaving your skin soft and smooth.

5 – Face Toner – use a little Kombucha Vinegar to tone your face after washing. The PH has the same effect as using the SCOBY as a face mask. Sloughing off dead skin cells and leaving your skin bright.

6 – Topical use – it looks like skin and you can place a piece of SCOBY over a burn, wound or other skin ailment. The vinegar can sting momentarily but it works as a natural biofilm and manufactured biofilms are created from a bacteria in the Kombucha culture.

7 – Animals – Dogs love Kombucha, you can give them small bits of SCOBY in their food, dry the SCOBY’s and give them as treats. Chickens love to peck at the SCOBY’s, even Horses will munch them with their chaff.

8 – Eat the SCOBY ourselves. Yes, the simplest way is to add a piece to a smoothie, not too much or it will taste too sour. The SCOBY is made up from Celluslose that the bacteria and yeasts form – this cellulose is great for our skin, hair and nails.

9 – Fruit and Vegetable Wash. Fill your sink with water add a cup full of Kombucha Vinegar and soak your veggies for 10 minutes, rinse and your vegetables are clean.

10 – Natural Pesticide. Use pure Kombucha Vinegar in a spray bottle and use it as a natural pesticide. I spray ants, and flies that I don’t want travelling into the house!



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